Baby First Babyrest Feeding Cushion

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The Babyrest Pillow comes in 100% cotton, water resistant fabric, with a foam inner cut and shaped to hug the body.

Key benefits:

  • Designed and shaped to offer safe and comfortable breastfeeding.
  • Suitable for single or twin breastfeeding.
  • Combination of natural cotton and water resistant fabrics.
  • Removable cover that is machine washable.
  • Breathable water resistant cover - easy to wipe.
  • Builds confidence in new mothers allowing correct positioning to help with latching techniques.
  • Supportive to mother's posture.
  • Supportive to baby's posture while learning to sit.
  • Clip on belt for safety.
  • Quality workmanship.
  • The Babyrest Pillow is designed to gently hug the body.

The Babyrest breast-feeding cushion was designed by a collaborative team including: Dr Ian Wood - Chiropractor, Lactation Consultants, Mid Wives and the design team at Dunlop Bedding New Zealand

These are the reasons the Babyrest Feeding Cushion is the best:

  • A removable pillow cover that is machine washable.
  • Water resistant surface for spills.
  • Firm base reduces dust mite, mildew and other allergen activities...
  • Used in hospital NICU’s (newborn intensive care units)
  • Designed and engineered to accommodate most body shapes
  • Can be worn at different heights. 
  • Firm base designed to support baby or babies while feeding
Won’t move away from you
  • Hugs the body gently,
  • Safety strap fits sizes 8 to 22
  • Ensures the support of the child and mother,
  • Releasing stress from the neck, shoulder and lower back for mother,
  • Supports baby posture while feeding.
Multi purpose
  • Suitable for single and twin feeding, learning to sit and tummy time
  • Feeding positions Madonna or Rugby
Lumber support
  • Worn on its side to support mother’s posture while single feeding.
Water and spill resistant surface
  • Machine washable and water resistant fabrics ensure clean and hygienic feeding, time after time
Roll pads
  • As an additional security to reduce roll off
  • Easy to carry and manoeuver

NB  - Breast feeding mothers must always be aware of their new born feeding environment. It is important to consider wrapping the child onto a feeding pillow in the first few weeks to ensure safety.