Freemie Collection Cups Deluxe Set

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Freemie Collection Cups

Pump anytime, anywhere, and around anyone.

One of the most stressful things about double breast pumping is having to expose yourself to the WORLD, especially in those early days when there tends to be a lot of family and friends around. It can feel a bit awkward knowing you have to pump to help boost your milk supply or to express milk for your babies next feed but there are lots of people around. Awkward not only for you but your friends and family too!

The FREEMIE collection cups are compatible with MOST breast pump systems and enable you to carry on with your day instead of being stuck on the couch with both breasts out, holding on to your traditional bottle style pumps.

Now you can double pump hands-free and with your clothes on! Yes you heard that right!

You could play with your babies, get the washing folded, cook dinner, eat lunch...... Read our article: Top 10 Things You Can Do While Hands-Free Pumping.

Freemie is also ideal for mum's who are heading back to work and still want to continue pumping during the day. Freemie is extremely discreet - you could even pump while sitting at your desk!

With concealable Freemie Collection Cups, you can pump in public—fully clothed and hands free.

Pump while you work, visit with friends, prepare dinner—even while you play with your babies!

And they fit most breast pumps available in Australasia.


See how easy it is to pump with your shirt ON!








Product Details

The Freemie Breast Milk Collection Cups Deluxe Set is designed for hands-free double pumping and features:

2 x 230ml concealable collection cups

1 x 25mm breast funnel set (set of 2 funnels)

1 x 28mm breast funnel set (set of 2 funnels)

1 x Valve assembly kit (including one spare valve)

1 x Asia Pacific breast pump connection kit (compatible with the breast pumps listed below)


The Freemie Collection cups hold up to 230mls of milk EACH, so if you are double pumping you can collect up to 460mls in one session.

Made of polypropylene plastic, the collection cups are rigid and smooth. The flattened area on the front of the cup (when worn) means that the cup can be put down when you are finished pumping and milk will not spill out. It’s so easy to pour the milk from the collection cup straight into a pre-sterilised bottle or freezer bag for storage.

The cups do NOT contain any BPA, DEHP or latex. You can be assured that your breast milk will not come in to contact with any unsafe chemical components or additives when using the Freemie Collection Cups.


Choosing your size

The sizing measurement of the cups goes by the internal measurement of the breast funnel that surrounds your nipple. All of the cups themselves are the same size and shape. So when choosing the right funnel size to fit you, if you are unsure which is best (25mm, 28mm or 32mm) then we recommend meeting with a healthcare professional or lactation consultant for an assessment. If your breasts change in shape or size, or you have asymmetric nipples, you can order an alternate set of funnels from our Parts & Accessories.

Included in this kit are 2 x 25mm funnels and 2 x 28mm funnels.

If you think you will require a size 32mm funnel you can purchase them here.


Choosing the right pump adapter

The beauty of the Freemie Collection Cups is that they fit most breast pumps that are available in Australasia. Included in your kit is an Asia/Pacific breast pump connection kit which will enable you to use the Freemie Collection Cups with your own breast pump. To double check your breast pump is compatible - see the list below.

Many Freemie users also recommend that a second set of cups is a lifesaver. You can keep one set of cups at your workplace and another at home, for example. This way you’ll never get caught short if you forget a clean set as you’re racing out the door. You can purchase extra cups from our Parts & Accessories page.


List of compatible breast pumps


PersonalPump in Style Advanced (PISA)
Symphony Standard


Philips Avent
Twin Electric Breast Pump


Unimom Forte




Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump


Melodi Prime Double Electric Breast Pump


9 Plus Advanced Breast Pump
M1 Advanced Electric Breast Pump
S1 Double Electric Breast Pump>
S2 Double Electric Breast Pump


Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump




The Freemie Hands-Free Concealable Breast Pump Collection System is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, with proof of purchase. In the event of a verifiable defect that is not the result of misuse, abuse or alteration, Lucourem Medical Ltd. will replace or repair this product at Lucourem Medical’s discretion. Returns will not be accepted without a return merchandise authorization, which must be obtained from Lucourem Medical’s customer service. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the shipper.