Korbell Plus Extra Large Nappy Bin

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This extra large nappy bin is a must in any twin nursery.

Newborn babies go through around 10-12 nappy changes per day each - so for twins that is 20-24 nappies per day that you need to dispose of!

Having a nappy disposal system is an essential for a twin nursery - the convenience of having somewhere hygenic and odour free to throw all those nappies that is close to hand will create one less thing for you to think about. And as this extra large Korbell nappy bin holds up to 60 newborn nappies so you only need to make a trip to the rubbish bin every second or third day instead of 20 times a day! 

Another great feature which is perfect for twin parents is the no-hands required system. You already have your hands full making sure your two babies stay safe, so just step on the pedal and drop the nappies in through the trap door - couldn't be easier. This trap door system also minimises odours and keeps the nursery smelling fresh.

The refill liners are lightly powder scented and are 100% biodegradable in landfills and made with 20% recycled materials. It’s the most environmentally-friendly nappy disposal system available! They are also extremely economical as they dont wrap each nappy and as it is a continuous feed liner you can make the bags as small or large as you like. Each refill contains enough liner material to dispose of up to 580 newborn nappies. They save the landfills and your pocket!

The childproof feature is excellent as we all know what mischief twins can get up to!

And best of all - once your babies are finally out of nappies, the Korbell Extra Large Nappy Bin converts to a stylish trash bin by removing the nappy insert.


Here's the rundown:

  • Convenient, Safe and Odour-Free Nappy Disposal
  • Holds up to 60 newborn nappies - 26 litre capacity
  • No-hands required system
  • Each refill contains enough liner material to dispose of up to 580 newborn nappies
  • Exremely economical and environmentally-friendly refills
  • Twin-proof locking system
  • Constructed of durable, hygienic, odour-resistant ABS plastic
  • Measures 34w × 24d × 55h cm
  • A must for any twin nursery
  • Comes with one liner cartridge.
  • Liner refill cartridge packs sold seperately


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