Minene Bath Support - White & Pink Pup

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When I saw this product I knew I had to share it with you.

As a single mum with newborn twins I was always looking for ways to manage two babies, especially during those times that require a little bit of planning and organisation. Bath time for me was one of those times.

While one is in the bath - what do you do with the other baby.....?

Well now you can safely and comfortably bath BOTH babies at the same time knowing they are comfortable and secure. The award winning Minene Bath Support is a cushioned floating bath support for babies.

Designed to make bath time fun, pleasurable and definitely easier for you to bath TWO.

The cushioned Bath Buddy provides a warm and safe environment for each baby to lie in. It securely nestles their body while supporting their heads safely out of the water.

Simply place two bath buddies in a shallow bath tub and enjoy a fun bath with your twins every evening! There is nothing cuter that watching twins splash around together in the bath. What makes the bath buddy a great alternative to other bath supports/chairs is your babies will feel snuggled, safe and well supported. You can safely wash one baby while the other one gently kicks and plays in the shallow water.

The bath buddy is made of a soft and gentle material. Its soft shape and gentle fabric adjusts itself to baby's shape and hugs him with softness.

This bath support can also be used in a baby bath.

Suitable from newborn to around 8 months depending on your babies length and activity level.

Available in three fun animal designs. Orange Pup, Pink Cat, Aqua Frog.

More photos to come.


Care Instructions:

It is recommended you machine wash the bath buddy BEFORE its first use.

After use the Bath Buddy should be hung up and allowed to dry. It is made from quick drying fabric.

You should wash you bath buddy in the washing machine weekly and allow to thoroughly dry.


IMPORTANT SAFETY MESSAGE - It is imperative that you do not leave your babies unattended in the bath. You should remain in constant contact with your babies at all times while they are in the bath or close to water.

Minene “my child” is the innovative baby brand, started by 3 young mothers who wanted to create quality, inventive yet practical products.