Minimonkey Twin Baby Carrier

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Are you sick of trying to carry your twins safely in a standard wrap?

All the benefits of babywearing seem to fly out the window when trying to master the art of tying, twisting and tugging on that fabric.

If you have been looking for a comfortable, safe and easy way to carry your twins, then the Minimonkey Twin Carrier is your answer.

Designed to carry your twins right from newborn to a maximum weight of 12kg (26lb) per baby, this comfortable and ergonomic solution is both safe and easy to use.

Comfortable: Comfort is assured with a wide waistband and two cushioned straps that cross over your back - the weight of your babies is evenly distributed across your upper body.

Simple: Simply adjust the carrier to the right size for your body, then slip each baby into the carrying pouch and tighten a small buckle. That’s it! So easy that you can place your twins in it by yourself.

Safe: The well-designed waistband prevents your babies from slipping out of the carrier.

Ergonomic: Your babies will sit in the M or Frog Position. That means they sit upright against your torso with their neck and back fully supported, and their legs in an M shape. The Minimonkey Twin Carrier has been certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘healthy hip product’, as it has a positive effect on the development of your baby’s hips.


Designed by a Mum who knew the struggle of trying to carry two babies at once, the Minimonkey Twin Carrier comes with all the great benefits of a single carrier...

- The upright position aids digestion, and also helps with wind and reflux

- Your twins are soothed by the sound of your heartbeat, the warmth of your body, and your familiar smell

- You get to carry both of your babies at once and still have your hands free!

Safe and snug twin carrying on the go is a breeze with this amazing, ergonomic twin carrier!

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