Smileybelt Pregnancy Belt

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A twin pregnancy puts your body under an enormous amount of pressure, it's no wonder your poor hips and back start to complain about the extra load it has to carry and support.

Smileybelt maternity supports have been worn by pregnant women with back and pelvic joint pain for over two decades. Recommended by midwives, physiotherapists, gynecologists, osteopaths, chiropractors and thousands of pregnant women, the Smileybelt will provide you with the extra support your body needs during your twin pregnancy.

Wearing a Smileybelt during your twin pregnancy will help:

  • Reduce abdominal strain and associated low back pain when worn as a belly support

  • Improve posture and endurance and keep you on your feet during your pregnancy.

It is important that you purchase the correct size, so please see our sizing and measuring details below. We have 7 sizes available.

Product comes in black only

Please note: unfortunately we are unable to offer the 10% multiple birth club discount with this product.


During Pregnancy

Hormonal influences and the growth of your twin babies are creating postural changes in your body and sometimes these changes cause pain and discomfort.

Use a Smileybelt Maternity Support to help..... 

  • manage daily activities with less pain and stress

  • exercise without over-stressing joints and soft tissue

  • support your abdomen/baby belly ligaments and muscles, reducing pressure in the lower pelvis

  • support your growing twin baby belly and minimise the heavy, dragging feeling towards the end of your pregnancy

  • facilitate postural awareness

  • maintain pelvic floor tone during pregnancy

  • facilitate normal muscle patterns of movement during pregnancy, which maintains muscle tone throughout the body

  • improve endurance

  • feel less tired at the end of the day.


Manage Your Pregnancy Pain and Dysfunction

Appropriate exercise and good posture will greatly enhance your present status and your post partum recovery. Use a Smileybelt to help keep you active.


After your Pregnancy

Wear your Smileybelt as an abdominal support to assist with lifting and carrying. Your over-stretched abdominal muscles will appreciate being held in a good position and this will facilitate them to return to their pre-pregnancy form.  Or, if you have any signs of backache after pregnancy, wear your Smileybelt as a pelvic joint support to help prevent injury to these susceptible joints when lifting, bending and twisting, especially as you are doing everything twice!


The Smileybelt is super comfortable to wear and can be worn during the day and at night to help you get comfortable enough to sleep.


Frequently asked Questions about Smileybelt

Why Does Wearing my Smileybelt as a Belly Band Help Low Back Pain?

Wearing your Smileybelt with the logo at the front as a belly band, will help your abdominal muscles hold your baby belly close to you. This will take strain off of your mid to lower back, decreasing the arch that can occur when you are struggling to maintain normal posture.

Especially good if you are doing a lot of standing.

Also a comfortable way to wear your Smileybelt when sitting.


What is Symphysis Pubis Pain (spd)?

The symphysis pubic joint is at the front of your pelvis. It is a hinge type joint which connects the two sides of the pelvis together, and like the sacro-iliac joints, is stabilised by strong ligaments.  It has abdominal, pelvic floor and lower limb muscles attached to it and during your twin pregnancy comes under a lot of strain. Each time you take a step, your weight is transferred from your trunk to your lower limbs through this joint. If there is a problem with this joint it will be most noticeable when you stand up, go to take a step, when you roll over in bed and when you walk.

When a Smileybelt is wrapped around your pelvis at the level of the pubic joint it will gently assist in stabilising this joint as you walk. Because the belt is made from a flexible material, the movement is more fluid and the belt more comfortable than a rigid pubic support.

To help with symphysis pubis pain, wear your Smileybelt low around your pelvis with the logo at the back. 


What is Sacro-iliac Pain?

Your sacro-iliac joints are flat joints at the back of your pelvis, and during a twin pregnancy they have to take on a lot of extra stress. This extra pressure can cause pain when you roll over in bed, take weight through one leg such as walking up and down stairs, or move from sitting to standing, as well as bending forward and lifting. Life doesn't stop while you are pregnant so a Smileybelt will support your sacro-iliac joints and assist your muscles and ligaments to keep control - reducing their workload and allowing them to recover from fatigue.

To help with sacro-iliac pain, wear your Smileybelt low around your pelvis with the logo at the back. 


How Will I Wear My Smileybelt?

No-one has to know you are wearing your Smileybelt. Wear it over the top of your underwear and cover with your usual clothing.

Wear the belt with the Smileybelt logo at the BACK for pelvic joint pain - symphysis pubis & sacro-iliac pain.

Wear the belt with the Smileybelt logo at the FRONT for low back pain and as a belly belt for abdominal support.

Wrap your Smileybelt around your pelvis, holding onto the inner end of the velcro on each side. Before you do the velcro ends up, gently pull them to take up a bit of the stretch and then cross the velcro ends over. Your belt should feel comfortable - firm and supportive, but not too tight.


Can I Wear my Smileybelt After Giving Birth?

The Smileybelt will  assist with abdominal and back support during the first few weeks until your muscles recover.



Sizing and Fitting

A good fit is essential with your Smileybelt to ensure it gives you the ultimate support. Before placing your order, please read the sizing information below.

Taking your measurement

Wrap a tape measure low around your buttocks at the back and across the top of your pubic bone at the front. The tape measure should be firm around your hips but not tight. Check that it is as level as you can get it i.e. not placed higher at the back than at the front.

Choose the size that fits with your measurement and record this when you go through the order process.

XS      80  - 88cm

S         89  -  95cm

SM      96  -  101cm

M       102  -  108cm

ML     109  -  115cm

L        116  -  120cm

XL      120  -  135cm

Important note: If you are planning to wear your Smileybelt exclusively as a belly band to support your growing twin belly then please measure yourself as per the above instructions but order TWO sizes larger.

As an example - if you measure 105cm (M) then please order an L to take into account your twin pregnancy size. 

If you have any concerns with what size you should be ordering then please don't hesitate to call or email or make a note in the order instructions message box at checkout.


Fitting your belt

Wrap your Smileybelt around your lower pelvis, pull the velcro ends forward and away from your body to take up the stretch, and then cross over the velcro ends to fasten. It should feel supportive but comfortable and must not be too tight.


Washing your Smileybelt

Wash your belt in cold or warm soapy water and rinse and drip dry.