Vija Skin-to-Skin Cami for Twins with Basic Cummerbund

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The perfect combo! This 2 piece set will provide you with a hands-free twin baby carrier.

The pretty cross-over cami, allows skin-to-skin twin baby wearing and breastfeeding - and also refines the silhouette! The babies sit inside the cross front panel sections in a "frog" position (legs out to the sides) or for newborns, in the foetal position.

For hands-free skin-to-skin twin baby carrying, slip the basic cummerbund over the outside of your cami and over babies. The cummerbund can also be worn by dad so you can both enjoy some skin-to-skin time with each baby.

For more information on sizing, colours and fabric care please see the individual product information

Vija Skin-to-Skin Twin Cami

Vija Basic Cummerband