Vija Skin-to-Skin Cami for Twins

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During those first few months with twins, it can be quite hard to get the hang of holding both babies at the same time – especially if you don’t have a second pair of hands to help. It’s easy to feel envious of those singleton mums as there is so much research about the positive benefits of baby wearing, kangaroo care or skin-to-skin time (especially for premature babies) but it is just not that easy with twins.

Well we have a solution!

This beautifully and ethically made cami is created in Canada and offers the perfect solution to gaining that precious skin-to-skin time with your newborn twins. It is ideal for parents who have premature babies that need to spend time in NICU as it is a great way for you to get that extremely valuable kangaroo care time while still leaving your hands free.

Babies are also perfectly positioned for breastfeeding, making it a great top to wear in the evenings during ‘witching hour’ so babies can cluster feed as needed.

This cami is also great for babies with reflux or colic as they are positioned upright and when used with the cummerbund you can be hands free while babies sleep with you.

Babies sit comfortably and snug inside the front sections of the cami in either a "frog" or "fetal" position.

For hands-free skin-to-skin baby carrying, use the cummerbund to provide the extra support (ordered separately).

The Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Cami is ethically made in Canada from good quality, high density 4-way stretch 94% cotton / 6% spandex jersey.

The cami should be a firm fit to ensure babies up to 7kgs are securely held.

Further information

For more information on the benefits of skin-to-skin/kangaroo care and safe positioning click here

For fabric care and washing instruction click here



Vija Design garments are regular sizing so please order your usual top size but double check against the size chart below for confirmation.

The most important measurement is for the bust as this is where you will require the most security and fit for your babies. The second most important measurement is at the hips. If your hip and bust measurements fall into one size bracket yet your waist is slightly over then go with the lower size as the fabric allows for some stretch in the waist area ;)

Size Chart:









36 -38 in

26-28 in

36-38 in

91-95 cm

65-69 cm

91-95 cm


38-40.5 in

28-31 in

38-40.5 in

95-100 cm

71-78 cm

95-100 cm


40-43 in

31-34 in

40.5-43 in

100-105 cm

77-83 cm

101-107 cm


43-46 in

33-36 in

43 -46 in

105-113 cm

83-91 cm

108-116 cm



If you use this garment to carry your newborn twins, please take the following precautions:


-Make sure the babies positioning is not too "relaxed" (too rounded back), and check if support is well spread from below the knee to the other. Garment must be tight on body.
-Always make sure your babies are breathing normally, their airways must never be obstructed.
-Pay attention to your new dimension, you must not get caught in the door frame with the babies!
-Don't sleep, don't do sports or cooking with babies inside the garment. Avoid any situation where a fall could occur.
-Make sure the garment is always in good condition. If a seam is about to open, discontinue the use

Avoid heat stroke. Be on the lookout for signs of discomfort, especially if it is a very warm day. Heat rash, wet hair, are the signs.

Note: The care of premmies, low-weight twins or babies with health problems should always be under the supervision of a qualified health professional. Make sure you have consulted prior to use skin-to-skin garments.

For your information, the following label is affixed to the garment (you can use this as reference if the label is erased).




Please wash your garment before you wear it.


Cotton/Spandex Jersey:

A very comfortable to wear fabric with good support.

This natural fibre is recommended by paediatricians as it is hypoallergenic, breathable, absorbs moisture and is easy to sanitize. Cotton tends to stretch a little over the long term, the spandex provides good shape retention in addition to providing more 4-way stretch and flexibility around the body. Please note that the new cotton fabric is a little stiff and will soften with washing.


The fabric identified as certified organic cotton is grown without pesticides and herbicides in ethical conditions.

The "dry hand" of cotton is good for skin-to-skin products, because it is not slippery.


Machine wash in cold water and gentle cycle to avoid faded colour. Also avoid friction which could give a "aged" look to the garment. Hang to dry, taking care to stretch the garment to avoid bad creases. Avoid bleach (spandex doesn't like it). Can be ironed. If you put it in the dryer, turn the garment inside out and dry with low heat.

While we take care to use the best possible fabrics, they are not invincible and if care is not taken the fibres will break causing tears in the fabric.

  • Please ensure your babies are placed in the correct position

  • Please do not over stretch the fabric in order to place your babies in or to position babies when feeding

  • Please take note of the weight limit of around 7kgs per baby




Vija Design™, the first clothing collection that facilitates breastfeeding and maximizes the well-being of mother/father and your babies through SKIN-TO-SKIN (Kangaroo care). The "skin-to-skin & easy nursing" collection was created in 2008 and it is still sewn ethically in Canada.

Vija Design is the result of the work of a mum with great expertise, a qualified and experienced Utility garment designer - also mother of premature baby*. This experience revealed to her the huge benefits that Kangaroo Care can have on babies.

Her mission: make Kangaroo Care (skin-to-skin and breastfeeding) and SKIN TO SKIN pleasant and desirable for all parents.

The designs were created in collaboration with pediatricians, lactation consultants, specialists in neonatal units and their range of garments are under patent or patent pending (and tested in hospital and/or institutional environment). Work that took several years of prototyping and testing to finally offer simple, pretty and practical designs - as well as functional.





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    My second pair of hands when I am on my own

    Posted by Lyz on 17th Oct 2016

    I am a size 16 and bought the XL - I found the fit great. It isn’t too short and doesn’t seem to ride up at all which is fantastic. It is so comfortable and well made. The fabric is really nice and thick so it looks really good on. I would never normally wear tight tops because fabric clings to me in all the wrong places but this just doesn’t - it surprised me, it looks great!

    It is my second pair of hands when I am on my own at home, I can cuddle both of my twins at the same time and still have two hands free! No more watching my coffee get cold while I juggle two wriggly babies! I mostly use my Skin to Skin Twin Cami after feed time to keep my girls upright as they have been a bit colicky. It gives me back that 30-40 minutes after each feed that I would have spent sitting on the couch using both hands to hold them both upright on my chest. I can pop one or both in the Cami and get up and continue on with eating my own lunch or washing bottles. It has really freed up my days! I was nervous that I wouldn’t get enough use out of it as my twins were already a month old when I discovered it, but it doubles as a breast feeding top and looks nice without babies in it too which is a bonus!

    I have already gotten so much use out of it. It is my go to number one trick for managing my one month old twin girls on my own. I no longer panic and need support every time dad goes to work-this twin mama has got it covered!

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